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Steam Early Access - June 4th, 2019



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Glorious Companions is a turn based tactical RPG set in an original fantasy world of Navaroth where you craft your own journey as a leader of a mercenary company. You’ll spend most of your time training and equipping your companions to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield, ready to take on wild beasts just as well as war parties.


The world of Navaroth has been carefully built and maintained by us throughout the years. The whole premise began as a pen-and-paper RPG system. Even the game itself had many different forms throughout the years. In 2009 it was a small mini-game with 2D cards representing the characters. However, it has turned into so much more.


  • Custom and gritty combat system: no one is invincible as a single well-aimed strike can take out a careless warrior.
  • No battle is truly over until it’s over: eliminate the enemy captain to win the battle, but be careful as it works the other way around too!
  • Tried and proven formula: the world of Navaroth has its roots in an original pen-and-paper RPG system featuring a science based magic system.
  • Pick your side: become an ally to the vengeful Scarres or join the ranks of the wise Valrenay militia. More factions will be revealed during the development.
  • Take care of your men: keep their morale high by serving them luxury food and alcohols, train them at special facilities when they gather enough experience and crucially - don’t let them bleed out after a tough battle.
  • No two soldiers are ever the same: play to your units natural predispositions, train and equip them to your liking.
  • New world on each playthrough: the continent and its political climate are procedurally generated at the beginning of every journey.
  • Start small and expand: focus first on making a name for yourself as a lord by winning small skirmishes, or lay the foundations of a thriving merchant guild.
  • More power means more responsibility: a wise leader is not merely an army commander; attend to a variety of political and economic issues as your empire grows.
  • Danger from afar: try not to get too complacent, as the Ancient Guardians eventually wake up and threaten the known world.


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  • "I’m always happy to see another game reaching for the (increasingly contested) fantasy mercenary sim crown."
    - Dominic Tarason, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Glorious Companions is a promising turn-based tactical RPG that takes some inspirations from Battle Brothers but seems to offer a lot of freedom [...]"
    - marcello, Turn Based Lovers

About Ancient Forge Studio

We're a small, remotely working game development studio from Poland. We're currently working on two titles - already released on Steam Early Access Glorious Companions and upcoming The Tenants.

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Glorious Companions Credits

Dushan Chaciej
Co-Owner, Lead Designer, Unity Developer, Artist, Producer

Max Strzelecki
Co-Owner, Lead Programmer, Producer

Paweł Kafka
3D Character Artist

Dawid Piskorski
3D Environment Artist

Maciej Siemoński
3D Artist

Robert Justowicz
Unity Developer

Piotr Koniecko
Unity Developer

Marcin Dąbrowski

Łukasz Zakrzewski

Marta Wieczorek
Concept Artist

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